Podiatry is a branch of medicine that looks after the health of the feet. The feet are a very important part of our body that is often forgotten and not given proper attention.

It is important to go to the chiropodist at least once a year to make a review of our feet. You do not have to wait to have an illness.

What is the work of a chiropodist?

Treatment of plantar warts
Diabetic foot treatment
This type of foot needs special treatment since it often presents more problems than the rest of the feet, such as loss of sensitivity or the presence of injuries, among others
Overall foot treatment (cutting and milling your nails, removing the toads, helomes (eyebrows), dried heels.
Biomechanical study of the march
The lower extremities and the movements that are performed when we are standing or moving are studied.
Production of plantar supports
In the case that biomechanical studies detect pathological changes that cause us or cause us problems in the process, the custom design of a plantar support (what we know by templates) is modified in order to modify it neutralize it.
Realization of silicone ortesis
They are small pieces of silicone molded at the foot of each patient to avoid rubbing with the footwear or to palliate digital deformations.
Nails nailed
Extraction of the piece of a nail that grows defectively and penetrates into the meat (nail). Follow-up and subsequent care.


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